Pictures of Josie

Sep. 21, 2008

Josie the Human Fish

Josie & Ben at the fair

Josie doing the Piggy Dance

Josie & Tessie at the Zoo.  I wanna go there!

Petting a big kitty

Josie & Tessie Peacocks

Josie with a loose tooth

Josie on the first day of 2nd grade

A bridge to Josie

Fun at the trampoline place

Josie self portrait

The tooth finally came out

Josie & Tessie on another trampoline

Josie on the drums

Josie at the park

Top of the world


Aug. 7, 2008

2 models

Josie & Ilana in the pool

Josie making bubbles in the pool

Josie floating in the pool

Self portrait

Josie modeling

Josie’s loose tooth

Daddy & Josie

Josie’s friend Ilana

Josie & friends at camp