Josie Pictures!!!!!!!!!


Aug 26, 2007

Josie went to the park.  Here she is surveying her territory

A good looking girl

Crossing a chain link bridge #1 & #2

Holding to a swing #1 & #2

I got some pix of Josie swimming


Getting a toy from the bottom of the pool

With her pools toys #1 & #2

July 26, 2007

We went to San Diego recently, and these are our pictures.

Our hotel had a pool, and Josie went swimming

Then she did some water ballet

Kelly & Josie at Sea World

Josie resting at Sea World

Kelly & Josie laughing

Our little photographer at the San Diego Zoo

Josie eating a Dorito

Pink Flamingos at the San Diego Zoo.  Notice their knees

Kelly & Josie on a Hippo

Josie stuck between 2 bears

Our sunflower #1 & #2

Josie with her new friend

Josie in her movie star swim suit

Swim suit action photo

Josie & Daddy on the beach

Josie & her bucket of magic

Josie buried herself in the sand

Josie riding a tiger #1 & #2

Prarie doggin'

Josie and the pussy cats

Josie taking a picture in the hotel room

I took these pictures, not daddy!

A Koala bear at the zoo

A cactus

Mommy and Daddy in the same photo!

Josie's new puppy - Princess

Mommy and Daddy in the same photo.  Again!

Mommy alone

Daddy and Hippo

Self portrait attempt #1 & #2


July 2, 2007

Josie looking cute

Good joke daddy.  See, I'm laughing

Josie climbing at the park

Josie at the top #1 & #2

Sitting at the top

Happy on the top

Wind blown hair

Playing on the swing

Modeling pose

The Queen surveying her territory

Jun 21, 2007

Josie on graduation day

Josie watching the "show"

Emerald, Katy, and Josie

Katy at her graduation party

Josie playing soccer

Henry on his skateboard


Josie missing her first tooth

Josie going to school for wacky hair day

Jun 9, 2007

Josie with the Stars rose after the dance recital

Josie and Katy

Josie, Katy, and Emerald

Josie the star

Josie and her Penguin

Josie at the duck pond

Auntie Maria and baby Sophia

Aunt Katherine and Sophia

An Oakland A's fan #1 & #2

Cousin Henry

Josie and a cup cake

May 29, 2007

Getting read to go to the zoo #1 & #2

Crossing the water

Farmer girl Josie pumping water #1 & #2

Getting ready for a car ride

Inside a bug

Josie took these pix at the zoo

My daddy

The viking ship

A tree at the zoo

A self portrait

May 20, 2007

Some Pix from Josies BDay party

Josie holding her ice skate

Cousin Ben and his mom Katherine

Katy eating her cupcake

Josies friend Ian and dad

Ians sister Zoe

Josies friends Emerald and Cyrus

Cousin Ben, again

It's Josies BDay and she is celebrating!

Her she is with her new baby and stroller

Josie has a new dance instructor, Barbie

More dancing #2 & #3

May 3, 2007

Josie & Mommy napping

We have bees in our belfry

We took Josie to Reno for a wedding and she won a Penguin

Josie with 2 braids in her hair

Josie and Mommy posing for the camera

Josie and Mommy sharing a joke

Josie and Ben

Josie the drummer girl

Tanta Maria and baby Sophia

Baby Sophia

Josie went to work at PayPal

Apr 16, 2007

Josie got to go on a safari in Santa Rosa, CA, at a place called Safari West.  I did not get to go :(  These are her pictures.

A group of unidentified critters

There are 3 giraffes in this picture

This is a gazelle

This is a Bongo Antelope (yes, really)

Mar 14, 2007

Josie went ice skating for the first time

Another day, she rode the rocker at the park

Josie and Katy went to the aquarium - here in front of the whale

The girls laughing

Where are the jelly fish?

Hooked like fish

Best friends

In a giant shell

Lisa and Baby Heather came for a visit

Josie playing with a toy

Hamming it up for daddy

Posing for daddy

More posing

Climbing high

Standing on the swing

Queen of the hill

Josie took these:


Where I like to climb

A tree at the park

Lisa and Baby Heather at the park

Feb 16, 2007

Josie, Girl of Mystery.....

Josie with the wild hair


A curtsey fit for a Queen

Aunt Katherine and Cousin Ben

Josie, Henry, and Ben on a Lion at the park

Jan 7, 2007

Josie & Ben at Channukah #1 & #2

Pirate Josie and Aunt Kath

Nana and Josie

Josie playing with her dolls & stuff

Piano lessons

Josie descending the stairs

Josie with Hayley and Taylor

Josie and some of her East Coast Cousins

Josie and Mommy

Josie with Taylor and Aunt Kathy

The boy Cousins

All of the Cousins

The girl Cousins

Waving to the crowd at the park

Touch Down!

Josie and her baby doll

Josie in pig tails

Josie with Mr. Grandpop

Josie with Grammie

Dec 20, 2006

Josie helped hold Sofia for the first time

The whole class before the show

Josie decorating the gingerbread house

Josie inside the new fireplace mantle

Josie bonked her chin and got a few stitches.  This is a pic of the bandaid

A view from underneath the chin

Dec 5, 2006

Josie on the swing

November 28, 2006

Josie in all red

Cousin Ben fishing for toe jam

Playing the guitar for Uncle Mark

Modeling her Pakistan dress

November 1, 2006

Josie with Big Hair

Josie surveying her lands

October 30, 2006 - Josie took these pix

Some of her dolls

Daddy's guitars

Izzy at the trough, and Thea waiting her turn

The roses in the backyard

The Red Bird that Grammie Sue sent

**** We took a trip to PayPal ****

Mr. Potatoe Head


The whole family

Some toys at PayPal

Self portrait

**** On the Disney Cruise ****

A model ship

A line of chaise lounges

Josie in a Princess dress

October 23, 2006

We are back from our Disney Cruise.  These are the results.

Setting the cruise itinerary

Josie looking damn'd cute

On the beach

Puckering up

Princess Josie

Playing on the beach

Josie and Kelly

Laughing in a porthole

106 feet under water in a submarine

Josie in a Mexican Dress

Looking out the window

All of our pirates in one picture

Looking out to sea

September 27, 2006

Josie dressed in her new boots

Josie in her boots and a dress

Nana & Josie

Nana & the grandkids with her award from Foster City

Josie playing on the swing at the park

Josie thru a film of bubble soap

Josie blowing a bubble

Josie & Ben at Yvo's birthday party

September 9, 2006

Josie with her Hippo and water bottle

Josie with her shower toys, in the hotel

5 girls started school together, back in 2001, called "The Girl Gang."

The whole gang  #1

Josie looking cute

Doing the back stroke

thinking on the cows

The mother of a friend of Kelly's made this.  From Pakistan

Josie the Rainbow Warrior

Happy Girl

Playing baseball on ice skates

More fun

First day of kindergarten

July 17, 2006

Josie at Nana's

Wild child dancing

Josie swimming in the hotel.... tub

Josie and Katy on the Merry-go-round

We went to see the ocean.  It was 98 at home, and 58 in Pacifica.   How did that happen?

Looking thru the fence at the ocean

June 26, 2006

On the spinning disk

Josie & Katie

Josie helping pack #1 & #2

Josie's pre-school graduation

The diploma walk

At dinner with the girls

It was Cousin Bens birthday

Ben looking silly

Henry at bat

Both of my girls spraying me

Aunt Sari got married.  And she had a party.

Josie, Tia Maria, & Tio Yvo

Ed & Alixandra

May 26, 2006

Today was the class fieldtrip to the zoo.

Model pose #1

Josie, Katy, and knight

Screaming fun in the spinning disk

May 15, 2006

The dance recital is DONE!

Me and Katy relaxing after all that work

May 14, 2006

It's my birthday, and this is the whole gang!

Feeding the goats...  Again

On the merry-go-round

May 8, 2006

It's Auntie LuLu's birthday?

May 1, 2006

Me and Katy at Kelsey's bday party

April 17, 2006

This is me on the swing

This is an outfit that Aunty Donna got me

It was Nana's birthday party.  This is Cousin Henry, Cousin Ben, and me

Ben giving the OK

Josie the hockey player

Playing with Nana

April 13, 2006

Daddy took me to the park the other day, and I got to play on the swing!

Last night, a real hair-person did my hair for mother's day photos.   Daddy took pictures when we got home.

April 5, 2006

Josie and Hippo #1 & #2

March 25, 2006

Are you taking my picture AGAIN?

Kylie invited Josie to her Birthday party

Kylie and Josie

My bear-to-be

Here I am stuffing my bear

Tinker Bell or Josie Belle?  You decide

Mommy & Josie looking at baby pictures

Sum invited Josie to her birthday party at a beauty salon for kids.

Just what have I gotten into?

I think I like this...

Josie's new 'do

Hair all done

Belting out "Happy Birthday"

After the birthday party

Mommy & Josie

February 28, 2006

Josie dressed up for going to the zoo

Josie and daddy

Josie playing around

Josie the Princess

Feb 21, 2006

Josie gone sticker crazy

Feb 4, 2006

We went to the 1st birthday party for our friend Charys.  Josie took the following pictures.

#1   #2  #3   #4  #5   #6

Dec. 26, 2005

Josie looking cute

Nov. 30, 2005 - Thanksgiving at Grammies

Hayley, Noah, Zackary, Josie, Denny & Rachel

Suzanne, Denny, Kelly, & Marley

Fred & Noah

Rachel & Taylor

Hayley & Cassidy

Rachel & Josie

All of the girls in the house

Fred, Suzanne, & the Kids

Rachel & Josie doing makeup: #1, #2, & #3

At the park in New Jersey, in November - #1

Nov 19, 2005 (one week before Thanksgiving)

Why does it cost so much to live in California? The answer is....

Oct. 31, 2005  Halloween!

Josie in her Snow White Marrying Dress

First, there were Aquanauts, then Cosmonauts and Astronauts.  Now, we have Sinkuanauts #1

Josie on the Happy Hollow Zoo Turtle

Hello from the Horse Races

We went to Bonfante Gardens, a local theme park, with some of Josie's friends.

The 3 Amiga's

Josie on the Ferris Wheel #1

My friend Katie

Sep. 30, 2005

I went to Disney Land!!  What a great adventure.

I got my radar ears on


Snow White #1 & #2 #3


Ariel 1 & 2


I met Winnie the Pooh #1 & #2

Minnie Mouse and me #1 & #2

Minnie and the Whole Family

Enjoying dinner

If you look over Daddys shoulder, you can see a rainbow

Dancing for my supper #1, #2, & #3

Parade Time!!! #1, #2, #3 #4, and #5

And when it is all over.... #3

Sep 7, 2005

I went to Alaska with my mommy and daddy.  These are some of the pictures.

Me looking out the window of the cruise ship

Mommy and daddy on a motorcycle ride

Me enjoying the cruise

A glacier in Alaska.

Aug 9, 2005

We went to New Jersey to visit family.  These are the pictures.

Me in my party dress

On the swing at Uncle Joe's birthday party

Me with Cousin Tony, Cousin Alicia, and Daddy

Me with Cousin Taylor

Trust me, I know the answer.....

June 5, 2005

I went to the park with mommy and daddy and their friend Laura  1, 2, & 3

Houston, we have lift off.....

The Truth

And I got a new bed today.  I like it!

May 27, 2005

Daddy took me to the Childrens Discovery Museum.  Here is the proof

Me and my doll

Birthday photos

Jelly Bear dressed up at Cinderella

Daddy made this?

Me and Katie driving the truck for my birthday

Kimmie, Sofia, and Kelsey on the merry go round

Mommy's friend Maureen bought me a kimono: 1, 2, 3

Mar 7, 2001

Grammie taught me how to sew 1 & 2

I met mommys friend, Aunt Keri 1 & 2

And I ran around in the freezing cold

When I got home, I did some modeling 1, & 2

Mommy getting her hair done

Daddy took for a bike ride, and I was so excited

Jan 31, 2005

Mommy and Daddy took me to the zoo.   Me and the goats, Just me

Me and my own look

Mommy's friend Nichole got me a beach outfit, and now it fits.

Model shot #1

Model shot #2

Jan 10, 2005

Her room after Hurricane Josie has struck

Nov 9, 2004

And here I am as a Swim Suit model

I went to Florida for a Disney Cruise and Disney World.  Here is my adventure as recorded by mommy and daddy

This is me getting dressed up for the cruise 1 & 2

In the cruise terminal, in front of a model of the boat

Me, Hayley, and Jason at our first lunch on the boat

On my verandah

Josie dressed for the safety drill

We boarded the boat on Halloween.  This is Grandpop's costume

Josie and a friend modelling

Me and Snow White on the boat

Me and Belle on the boat

Just having fun in  my Cinderella cleaning dress

The effects of a chocolate chip cookie and watermelon on Castaway Cay

Trying to eat ice cream on a tropical island

The Disney cruise ship has a child care program, with the overarching title of Disney Sea University (D Sea U).  See if you can find Josie in the graduation photo

Another cute picture

Sleeping in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World

Story hour with Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Mommy was just as fascinated as I was


Here I am as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

And then I got to meet Belle

Happy camper 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Playing with water at the Animal Kingdom

Daddy got me into the Princess Breakfast.  This is me with Princess Aurora

Me, daddy, and Princess Aurora

The evil queen - She is the tall one.

Me, mommy, and Kermit the frog

Me and Grammie Sue the morning we left for home

Oct 25, 2004

My Snow White dress

Henry, Benjamin, Nana, and me

Me and Henry

Me and the boys

Oct. 11, 2004

I went to the zoo and I had lots of fun

You can't see it, but I can see a Jaguar

This is me, mommy, and Big Josie

This is my ballerina outfit for dance class

All dressed up for partying

Sep 29, 2004

My friend Katie came over.  We had cupcakes

And we watched TV

Sep 18, 2004

I went to DISNEY LAND!

I met Sleeping Beauty 1 & 2

I met Cinderella

I met Minnie Mouse 1 & 2

I met Tigger, Piglet and Pooh Bear!  All while I was eating Breakfast

And at Lunch time I met Goofy and Ariel the Mermaid

Mommy and Daddy bought me this beautiful Cinderella dress

Augsut 28, 2004

Sitting on the front rocker on the front porch 1 & 2

Princess Josie with a scarf on

August 14, 2004

A glamour photo

July 31, 2004

Cleaning my feet

Eating and enjoying grapes

Butterfly Josie

On a bus trip with my friend Sophia

Josie in her pink outfit (with a purple one underneath)

Kelly's new hair cut (I like it)

July 4, 2004  Happy B-Day to the USA!

Playing with sock puppets

Say cheese!!

I wanted to be a red head, so.... (Note from Mom & Dad: This was accomplished by Josie using cherries and strawberries)

June 29, 2004

Princess for the day

Our bikes

June 16, 2004

So this is what work life is like......

Mommy did our hair the same

June 6, 2004

Princess Josie in Full Regalia

Princess Mommy

Close-up of Princess Josie

Josie kitty

May 14, 2004

I have my purse, my phone, and my snow globe.  I am now ready for travelling

I even did my face

And this is my evening gown

It's my birthday today!  I am this many old.  Oooppppssss.   No picture of my hand.

This is me and mommy before going to school and work.

This is Jack upon finding out that it is my birthday, not his

April 25, 2004

Sometimes it rains in California

I am ready to model now

Mar 31, 2004

Photo's from our trip to Mexico 1 & 2

Mar 29, 2004

Pretty Girl

Teaching Baby to play the guitar

Singing a lullaby to baby

March 8, 2004

Usually, the dissolution of the musican comes at a later age.  In this case, the bottle and hippo came at an early age.

March 6, 2004

Dressed for dancing

I even have socks on

Practicing my moves

At the barre #1 & #2

Gypsy girl

The music stopped

March 4, 2004

Daddy got me my own guitar.  Here I am playing it

February 24, 2004

Teasing the cat

Mugging for the camera

Taking Baby out in the stroller

February 14, 2004  Valentines Day

Taking Hippo for a ride

Ready to run, just in case

Sitting on a turtle

Driving the fire truck

Eaten by a BIG bug

One the Merry-Go-Round with Mommy

February 8, 2004

Happy Mommy and Josie

Happy Josie 1 and 2

January 28, 2004

These photo's were actually taken in the Spring of 2002.

Standing Tall

Sleeping baby

January 17, 2004

Sitting with my friends

Reading with Nana

Modelling a sweater from Grammie

January 5, 2004

Cat napping

Pig tails 1 & 2

Learning a new trick

December 22, 2003

Playing guitar with Mommy

Lighting the Channukah candles with Mommy

Learning about Channukah by playing

December 8, 2003

Mommy and little baby

Opening a present from Auntie Nicole

Showing Auntie Nicole how it works

Gramps is showing me something very important

November 13, 2003

Me in Daddys Cowboy Boots

October 31, 2003  Halloween!!

My pumpkins

Pumpkin alone

Looking for candy already

Checking out my candy stash

October 29, 2003

Playing with hand puppets

October 26, 2003

I want to point out one thing: These pix were TAKEN on October 26, not just posted on that date.

1, 2, 3, 4  And people wonder why property is so expensive in California.

After swimming, we went out to lunch where Josie tried to use a fork & knife.

September 27, 2003

I put on mommy's shoes

Just standing around

September 1, 2003

I went horsie riding today

In my new cop car

August 31, 2003

I went to visit Big Josie and she showed me some of her toys

August 24, 2003

I took mommy & daddy to New Jersey to see lots of people.  This is part of the story, in pictures.

This is Grammie and me reading

Modelling my new purse

It's Zachary's BDay.   Left to right is Noah, Taylor, Cassidy, Zachary, Kaylee, and Josie (it is Daddy's fault for mis-spellings)

Aug 11, 2003

We went to the zoo again.  Lots of fun & things to see

July 29, 2003

Another modelling shot

July 12, 2003

Daddy made me a rocking horse.  LOOK OUT!!!!!

Mommy & Daddy put my chair in the pool.  

July 4, 2003


June 30, 2003

I drove a fire truck at the zoo

June 7, 2003

I got to wear daddy's tshirt today

June 1, 2003

Daddy and I went to the park today, and I played with my hat

May 27, 2003

Feeding watermelon to an angel

May 26, 2003

Yesterday Mommy took me swimming.

And then I got ready, and then I went wwhhheee!!!!!!!!!

And forwards

May 23, 2003 (actually the 22nd, but I am cheating on the date)

I splashed in the pool at Nana's

May 16, 2003

Aunt Keri bought me my very own Red Wagon.  In my size.  This is Dollie and bear going for a ride.

Did you eat my goldfish?

Little sailor girl

April 20, 2003

Me alone with the wheelbarrow

April 19, 2003

Me showing mommy where Andys nose and hand are

Modeling pose #1

Bye-Bye Daddy

April 6, 2003

What a place to play golf

Eating a lemon. Really

And my new look.....

March 29, 2003

Going to work 1 & 2

Nature girl

Nature girl at play

Mar 23, 2003

Fun with my mommy

Blast from the past

Mar 21, 2003

Me & Nana, we got it going on

Mar 16, 2003

Wake up Mommy!

I spy....

And remember, when we take over the world......

At least I'm dry

Mar 15, 2003

Happy baby first thing in the AM

Just kidding

Mar 12, 2003

The youngest & cutest guitar player in history. Photo

Laughing on the floor at Nana's

Feb 18, 2003

Josie eating dinner  with enthusiasm

Jan 26, 2003

I got some new clothes today, and this is what I got:  Photo 1

Photos posted to greet the New Year - Dec 31 2002

Bathing Beauty with a smile

August 2002 (Posted in August.  Photos from April and May)

In the Sink - Bath Time

Eating Cereal ALL OVER the place

Early Jan 2002

All the girls

Sep 11

Big Josie and Little Josie