The Garage Project

In April 2008, I started insulating & sheet rocking the garage.  The goal is not to do a professional job, but a competent job.  So far, so good.  Here is the evidence.

The east wall was first.

The garage, before starting  (Apr 3, 2008)

Partially cleared of “stuff”

The mail slot boxed in

The first 4ft of wall insulated

The cut out for the mail slot

All the sheet rock up, from the garage door almost to the freezer (Apr 10, 2008)

To behind the freezer

The shelving installed  (May 16, 2008)

The shelves pretty well loaded up

Next up was the west wall

The west wall from the dining room to the mid-point of the garage  (May 16, 2008)

From the mid-point to the garage door

The workbench against the dining room wall

Some of the shelving removed

The destruction continues

The west wall is cleared

The west wall is insulated

A piece of plywood fell on my toe

The west wall rocked, taped, & mudded

Shelving was hung

The west wall by the dining room

The west wall from the drive way

Looking down the length of the west wall from the drive way

Then I did the wall over the work bench, against the dining room

Over the workbench #1 and #2

Over the workbench with cabinets & shelves & stuff

And I did the East wall, over the washer & dryer

I have removed the old shelves, but not the brackets.